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Robert Whitehead
M.I.M.P.T. – G.D.C. – B.A.S.C

Artizan Medical Prosthetics is a UK based company run by me, Robert Whitehead, that provides specialist prosthetic services, also known as medical or clinical Anaplastology, to both the NHS and private sector. This includes Facial and body prosthesis, Maxillofacial / Oral Surgery and custom keloid splint devices.

I appreciate that no two people are the same and therefore I treat you as a person, not a patient. With over 20 years experience I can provide you with the most realistic bespoke prosthesis possible, using the latest advances in technology and the highest quality materials available.

Prices are competitive and reflect not only the high level of specialist training, experience and expertise but also the flexibility and range of work undertaken.

Please take a look around the site, and should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


pros•the•sis (prŏs-thē´sĭs)

n. pl. pros•the•ses (-sēz)

1. An artificial device used to replace a missing body part, such as a limb, tooth, eye, or heart valve.
2. Replacement of a missing body part with such a device.


I am a clinical Maxillofacial Prosthetist, lifecaster and camouflage make-up artist with over 20 years of experience and a member of the Institute of Maxillo-facial Prosthetist and Technologists, and British Association of Skin Camouflage.

I have lectured widely on various topics relating to Maxillo facial and body prosthetics, I run courses educating colleagues about some of the latest advances within this specialist field of prosthetics. I have worked within the NHS for 20 years and have extensive clinical and technical knowledge of mould making, materials and prosthetic applications.

I have accumulated a wealth of experience as a Prosthetist and lifecaster and now run Artizan Medical, which specialises in medical prostheses as well as prosthetics used in film and television, I have done work for the BBC, London theatres and other television companies, as well as private commissions. I am also involved with the London based make-up school Greasepaint and I have lectured at a variety of other make-up schools around the country.


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